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How to copy profiles between databases

When different matters have common document types, issues, players or other keywords, or if you're creating your own matter or practice specific case templates, it's easy to copy and paste profiles from one case to another saving you from recreating them in the new case or template.

Note that

  • Both MasterFile cases must be the same version and build. This is usually the case; you can check each from [R+] Administration > Administrator Settings.
  • To copy and paste a document and its extracts, you must select them all.  After pasting into the target database
    • Select those profiles in the target database.
    • Run the Extract Refresher for selected documents from [R+] > Profile Maintenance > Extract Refresher. You might find the [L+] > Miscellaneous > by Entered Date view useful for that as the just pasted profiles will be at the top and you can select them there.
  • Doc-links, the yellow link icons present in profiles copied to the target database, will "work" but in fact still point to profiles in the source database. Such doc-links have no relevance in the new matter or template you are creating and should therefore be deleted from the profiles in the target database.

    The only time doc-links are of value in profiles copied to a target database is when a database is being split into two for logical reasons or the source is a MasterFile database that is a collection of research. In these cases, the doc-links do point to relevant material in the source databases.

Copying keyword profiles

This example copies issue keyword profiles from one case to another. The process is analogous for any other profile type.

From Keywords : Players > issue/topics, I select the three medication issues I need from an existing medical litigation case and then press Ctrl+c to copy the profiles.

Switching to the target database by clicking on its tab, and then on Keywords : Players > issue/topics, the view is empty.

Pressing Ctrl+v (or right click > paste) pastes the profiles to the target database.

Further notes

  • Be careful copying Keywords. If you just select them all and copy into the destination database, you'll quite possibly end up with duplicates - especially system keywords.
  • Therefore only select your own keywords to copy, not MasterFile system or default keywords. The Keywords : Players > all keywords view, when expanded, shows you which keywords are system keywords and which are not.