Folders look and feel very similar to views and when you create a folder you must choose an existing MasterFile view on which to base the folder's design. The folder then sorts and categorizes its contents to mimic the view's organizational structure.

For example, if you need to create a chronology from certain but not all chronology events, you can make a folder that is based on the chronology view design. Similarly you can create folders to group profiles categorized by relevant issues, topics or players document type, author, etc.

By default, new folders are modelled on the "everything: by Profile Type" view.

Folders you create are private and can only be viewed by yourself. If you need a public folder that will be used by other users, it must be created by a MasterFile "Administrator" as a "Shared Folder".

You can also create sub-folders or group folders into categories, as shown in the try-it section below.

try it - Basic folder tasks
  • Click on [R+ Folder Functions > Create folder]
Creating the Folder

In the dialog box that is displayed

  • Type a folder name ("Core Documents, by Date") below.
  • To select the view on which to base the folder's design, click on "Advanced...".


Note "Copy style from folder is currently set to "Everything\by Profile Type". We'll change this to be the "by Date" view.

  • Click "Copy From" and select a view to copy.

Since we're creating a folder based on the "by Date" view, for documents, that's what I've selected.

"Copy style from folder" is now set to "Documents\by Date".

  • Since I want to create the new folder at Z Admin instead of Folders, I select that and click OK.
  • Click [L+> Folders]. to see the new folder.

You can also categorize folders by entering the category name followed by a backslash and then the folder name, for example, "Critical\Affidavits" and "Critical\Judgments".

Adding profiles to folders

To add documents, once you have created a folder you can drag and drop selected profiles (4 below) from any view to the its name, or, from an open profile, use "Put in folder" from "Document functions" on the button bar. Documents already in a folder are ignored and not duplicated if you drag them in again.

Adding profiles to the new folder

You can also add any open profile or one being previewed to a folder using Document Functions on the button bar.

  • Click on the folder to see the added documents displayed by Date.

Removing profiles from a folder

In MasterFile, only one copy of a profile exists, so profiles added to a new folder are pointers to the actual documents. Therefore, you remove profiles from a folder, not delete them. Deleting, will delete a profile from all views. Do not use the delete key as this will flag the profiles to be permanently deleted from the database not just the folder.

  • Select profiles to remove in the folder and click [R+ Folder Functions > Remove from folder]. Or, from an open profile, use Document Functions from the button bar as above.