Redaction views

The [L+ Redactions] navigator section give you various ways to manage and report on redacted documents. 

All redaction views organize redactions in as follows:

  • "by Status" groups redactions by their status: Pending, Applied, Error, Disabled, etc.
  • "by Code" groups redactions by redaction codes applied, if any.
  • "by Production History" view lists all redactions applied in each document production and is useful to create redaction logs for each production.
  • "by Doc, Status" groups all redactions by each document, and then sorts the redactions by their status. Note that in all the other redaction views, redactions from the same document are grouped together by their documents UNID, displayed in grey. In the screen shot below, the first 2 redactions under applied have the UNID "F539" indicating they are redactions to the same document.
  • "by Issue/Topic groups redactions by issues and topics.
  • "by Redaction Group, Status" displays all redactions, created by [R+ Redaction Tools > Global Redact], by their Redaction Group ID. Global Redactions are redactions applied in bulk across many documents.

All redaction views display the following about each redaction:

  • redaction type, 
  • any errors, 
  • applied codes, and 
  • default extract information including the extract's date, document type, and summary, etc. 

The expanded sections of the [R+ Redactions > redactions: by Status] view below, for example, shows applied and pending redactions.