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Redaction status

Most "Redaction statuses" are set when you apply redactions using [R+ Redaction Tools > Apply Redactions].

To mark an extract for redaction, either

  • Choose its Source,
  • Set it "Pending" to apply the redaction with MasterFile, or
  • Set it "Disabled".

After processing, statuses will show

  • "Applied", if the redaction was successfully applied by MasterFile. A black block is shown on the extract's row.
  • "Error", if an error occurred when MasterFile tried to apply the redaction. See Redaction Errors.
  • "Error (fix page text)", if the redaction text was not found. In this case, page text is pulled from the PDF to manually check. See Redaction Errors.
  • "Unsynced", if a redaction was applied and you disabled it.

A redaction that has been processed or produced locks the redaction state and you will not be able to edit the extract's fields nor delete it until you clear redactions. If a redaction has not been processed or produced, you can revert a redaction extract to a normal extract by clicking 'Cancel'.