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Redaction status


When you create a new redaction extract and set the "Type of Redaction" it's Status is set to "Pending", meaning the redaction has not been applied. Redactions with a "Pending" status can be set to "Disabled" status, meaning the redaction won't be applied. Similarly, redactions with a "Disabled" status can be set to "Pending" and applied. Choosing the "Cancel" status, converts the redaction extract back to a normal extract.

Once you apply a redaction, using [R+ Redaction Tools > Apply Redactions], it's status will be updated depending on if the redaction was successfully applied or not.

After applying an redaction, its status will be updated to one of the following:

Once a redaction has been successfully applied or produced, it is locked and you will not be able to edit the its fields nor delete it until you clear the redaction and, if the redaction was produced, clear all the production histories so it is no longer considered produced.

  • "Applied", if the redaction was successfully applied by MasterFile. A black block is shown on the redaction's row.

Some redactions will have a grey block shown on the redaction's row, such as for search string redactions, or redactions which have a status of "Unsynced". See the "Redaction reporting/errors" field for further information:

  • "Error", if an error occurred when MasterFile tried to apply the redaction. See Redaction Errors for further information.
  • "Error (fix page text)", if the redaction text was not found. In this case, the page's text is pulled from the PDF to manually check. See Redaction Errors for further information. 
  • "Unsynced" means the redaction was disabled after it was applied so the redacted copy of the document is out of sync with the redaction as it has a redaction it should not have.