Using Express Load

Starting in MasterFile version 7, Express Load and the Email Importer have undergone some changes to harmonize their user interfaces with the Concordance Converter.

In this article we go through the bulk loading task with Batch Load. You can read more in depth about Express Load, here.

Batch Load

Click on Express Load from the Document and E-mail Loading section of the right panel.

In the Express Load window opens,

  1. Click Batch Load
  2. Click Evidence
  3. Click Select directory and files ...

and navigate to the folder containing the documents to load. Click on any document or type anything in the "File name:" field and click Save.

Note that Express Load does not load subfolders too. You can use the MasterFile's Concordance Convertor to merge folders into one, with unique file numbering to account for duplicate filenames. You can then use Batch Load by pointing to that folder or use the automatically generated  CSV file and use CSV File Load mode. Using CSV File Load will preserve the original subfolder locations with the filenames; Batch Load from that merged folder will not.

MasterFile's selector opens next at the current folder.

  • The prefix ".\" indicates files in the current folder, i.e. the folder you selected.
  • Click in the selection margin to select files to load.
  • Click 'Cancel' to select and batch load all files in the folder.

I selected 4 files; therefore

  1. The folder is set.
  2. Files to load is set to 4.
  3. The current document is shown.
  4. All required information is blank. Therefore, these will be set to default values such as Unknown during load. They can be cleaned up in bulk using the Review and Revision tools, or during review.
  5. Click OK to process.

Processing concludes.

  • Click OK and then
  • Click Cancel to exit Express Load

You'll see the two messages below in succession.

The documents loaded in MasterFile with default values are shown below.

Profile summaries are set from the original filenames. You can select those not sufficiently descriptive to edit or replace using the Review and Revision tools, or by editing the document's profile itself.