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Managing production errors

In this short example, two TIF documents have no PDF version. Let's run a PDF production as-is to illustrate how to resolve production issues.

  • Note we're are not creating stubs. This is a PDF only production.
  • Click OK. The process starts and then immediately stops and displays this error message.
  • Click OK.
  • Click [L+ Pleadings : Disclosures > Briefcase's unproduced docs] ...
  • Click the caret in the 'Production Error Messages' column. That sorts the view to bring profiles with errors together.

All profiles with errors are also tagged in the case database at [L+ Documents > by Issue/Topic] ...

under the category 'MasterFile - Tagged from briefcase' shown below. For the two profiles with errors, we can

  • either create the PDF version of the natives using the Evidence Cruncher and add them to the briefcase to update their profiles, or
  • re-run the production and the 'PDF stub' option set if we had intended to produce these as natives with the rest of the PDF files in that production set. See this article for more information.