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Rapid tagging with Issue/Topic folders

Using Issue/Topic folders, you can tag profiles instantly by simply dragging and dropping them onto the respective issue. You can apply this technique to selected or all issues, whether existing or new and created during analysis and review.

try it - Tagging with folders

Since I'm currently focused on liability in my review, and there aren't any liability issue folders, I'll generate them and then tag related profiles.

  • Click [R+ Folder Functions > Create Issue/Topic Folders]
  • From the Issue/Topic browser, I select all the issue/topics I'm interested in, the three liability topics.
  • And click OK.

In some instances, you may see this message

At [L+ Folders > Issue Folders] three new Issue/Topic folders are created matching my selection from the issue/topic outline. Note that another folder, Financial Issues, was created earlier.

From the [L+ Documents > by From] view, the key extracts from Sean Fratto's report is what I need and I drag and drop them on Liability > Contractor to tag them with that issue/topic. Note that profiles marked in the selection margin stay marked as I review and when I drag, all selected documents follow.

Before triggering application of any tags, I can review the profiles in any folders and remove or add profiles as needed.

  • Click [R+ Folder Functions > Process Issue/Topic Folders] to apply all or selected issues/topics to the profiles in their respective folders.
  • I selected the one folder I am working on to process.
  • Click OK to end.

You're asked whether to delete the folder(s) being processed on completion. We suggest you answer "No" as you may need to continue tagging as case analysis proceeds. Of course, you can recreate them as  above whenever needed.

You can select all issue/topics using <Ctrl-a> and related folders (if any) will be processed.