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Distributing produced documents

Once production is complete and the briefcase locked, you can distribute its documents as needed.


There are several ways to send produced documents.

  • Print all or selected documents as hard copy.
  • Save all or selected documents as individual PDFs or single/multi-page B&W TIFF files.
  • Save all or selected documents as a single bookmarked PDF.

try it - Dump [production] files to disk

  • Click [R+ Evidence Cruncher > Document Services] in the briefcase.

Set dump options on the screen below.

  1. Select 'Dump briefcase to disk'.
  2. Select 'Everything' or 'Selected', and set 'Documents'.
  3. Choose 'Bates only'. 'MasterFile' creates longer, more descriptive filenames; 'Exhibit only' is typically used for Exhibits and filings.
  4. Set 'No' for this example.

Generally, you would set 'Yes' for 'Create OCR files' to send OCR to opposing counsel when you send files in response to a request to produce, etc.

'Create ZIP file' will ZIP the entire folder into a ZIP file for easy dissemination. The folder you dump to must be new or empty.

  1. Choose the folder to dump to and give the export a name. This will be the name of the accompanying load file for this set of documents. In the example, the name we entered was 'Lipton PDF'. The prefix is automatically generated from the briefcase's name.

Output example

In the screen below, both the 'Lipton MIX' production and the 'Lipton Native' briefcases were dumped into the Lipton 2022.01.05 folder. Note that the native XLSX file has been given its Bates number per its related PDF (also shown). If you open the PDF you'll see one line: '.XSLX document produced in native format'.