HelpMasterFileLoading EvidenceUsing cloud storage like DropBox, OneDrive, BOX, etc.

Using cloud storage like DropBox, OneDrive, BOX, etc.

You can drag and drop, or use Express Load to add files from any cloud based file service into your MasterFile case as long as your cloud service creates or is accessible via a mapped drive on your computer.

If a file is not locally available (i.e. has a cloud icon as its status as shown below), it will be downloaded dynamically before being imported into MasterFile. This can cause significant delay. We recommend you temporarily make those files locally available.

  • Select the files to load, right click and choose "Always keep on this device".
  • Then use Express Load or drag and drop to load them into MasterFile.
  • When done, right click on the same selection and choose "Free up space".

Using Express Load

  • Click [R+ Document and Email Loading > Express Load].
  • Click to the right of the folder name in Windows Explorer. The OneDrive path is automatically highlighted as below.
  • Right click and choose Copy, or press Ctrl-c, to copy the highlighted path.
  • Set "Batch Load" or the function you need.
  • Click "Select directory or files to load".
  • Click in "File name" and right click and chose Paste or press Ctrl-v to paste the path you copied earlier.
  • Click "Save".

Windows will switch to the OneDrive folder, displaying the files there.

Pasting a file path into a Windows Explorer "File name" field is a fast way to navigate to a folder.

If you select a file that is only on the cloud, you'll see a prompt like this or similar, before the MasterFile Loader opens. The example below was an 85mb file ... so you would be waiting 5 to 20 seconds depending on your Internet speed.

MasterFile's file loader opens next.

  • Select the files you need in the selection margin; I selected the four I needed in the screenshot below.
  • Click OK and you'll be returned to the Express Load window.

See this article for a quick overview of Express Load or this section to learn about Express Load in detail.

Using Drag and drop

You can also drag and drop documents into MasterFile from OneDrive or similar.

  • Navigate to the OneDrive folder in Windows Explorer as explained above.
    See this article on creating a blank document profile and using drag and drop to load your documents.