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Producing redacted documents

A document can produced with different redactions for each production if required.

To see which extracts were applied as redactions to a document in a specific production, use the [L+ Redactions > redactions: by Production History] view.

Let's say we produce these two redacted documents.

After the production is complete, [L+ Redactions > redactions: by Production History] tells us which redactions from that document were used in this production.

[L+ Pleadings : Disclosures > by Production History: Bates #] displays redaction blocks in grey. Grey tells you this extract has, or has had in the past, a redaction attribute. For example,

  • It was produced one or more times (not necessarily in the production history you are looking at).
  • Its redaction status was disabled or cleared after production.
  • Its redaction status is "Pending".

Grey reminds you this extract might have been produced while redacted.

To check if any documents were produced with redactions, select its extracts, press and hold the Ctrl key, and click [L+ Redactions > redactions: by Production History] to see in which production runs (if any) those extracts were produced. To see the actual redacted PDF for a document in a specific production, open the associated briefcase.

Use the [L+ Pleadings : Disclosures > by Production History : Bates #] view to easily make a tabular privilege log of redactions in Word using Grab 'n Go briefs. Here it is for the three selected extracts above.