HelpMasterFileViewsHow do I show Issue/Topics as columns?

How do I show Issue/Topics as columns?

There are times, such as for specific reports, or analysis, it's helpful to see Issue/Topics as view columns. This article explains how to do so. 

Here, treatment events are shown categorized by Blood Test in MasterFile's default view Issue/Topic view, ...

as compared to Blood Test and Medication as columns in the screenshot below with D5W, IV, Oxygen (O2), etc. displayed for profiles with those values.

Column Activators

Displaying an issue/topic category as a column is controlled by simply adding one or more of four column activators to the top level of an issue/topic keyword.

  • Use [d], [e], [f] or [p] to show the topic as a column in document, extract, fact and player views respectively.
  • Use [+] in conjunction with one of the above to add that issue/topic's column in mixed profile views. 
  • Use [*] as a shortcut to display that issue/topic's column all views.

Let's say you want to show the topic "Medication" as column to the fact and extract views. Its values are:

Medication\Oxygen (O2).

Edit one of  the "Medication" keywords at its top level as follows:

Medication [e][f]\IV

"Medication" will now be shown as a column in fact and extract views with D5W, IV, Oxygen (O2), etc. displayed for profiles with those values.

When combined with dynamic topics and hidden topics, those issue/topic keywords will be displayed as column and simulate custom fields for those profiles.

try-it Displaying Issue/Topic columns
  • Select and double click the issue/topic you want to display as a column. In this example, let's say we want to display "Medication" as a column on fact and extract views.
  1. We'll edit the profile "IV" and type a space followed by [e][f] in front of the "\" as shown below.
  2. And then click "Revise database to new value".

Note that if you only save the profile, the column will be created but sub level keywords, i.e. its values, will not be updated and therefore not shown. Always use "Revise database to new value" when renaming or altering a keyword.

  • We'll click "Yes" to confirm the change in the keyword and its sub-levels.
  • And confirm the next prompt too.

The keyword is updated as shown below.

  • When we switch to "Facts by Relevance", we now see the new column "Medication".

After creating the new column, if it is not displayed, press Shift+F9 to refresh the view.

try-it Removing columns you've set
  • Edit the issue/topic and remove its column activators. For example, to remove "Medication" as a column from extract views only, edit it to be

Medication [f]\IV

  • Then click "Revise database to new value". "Medication" will no longer remain as a column in extract views but will remain so in fact views.