Digest reports

If you require a more detailed report of a view, you can print a summary of their content, called a "Digest Report",  of any number of selected document, extract or fact profiles, or players, in a view or folder.  Digest reports are useful for example when you need to prepare for a deposition. They let you collect relevant extracts, facts, documents, etc., together with your notes, in preparation for further questioning.

You can print each summary digest on a separate page, leaving room to write new notes or comments.

Digest reports must be printed in landscape paper orientation to fit on the page.

If needed, you can also print out the full profile.

try it - Printing three documents

We're printing three documents from the folder [L+ Folders > w. Report Folders > Flat view, questions]

  • Click Print reports

On the Print View,

  1. Set your PDF printer. We're like and recommend the free Foxit Reader printer which I've selected here.
  2. Choose "Selected documents".
  3. Click the Page Setup tab and switch the orientation to Landscape.
  4. Click the Documents Style tab.
  1. At "An alternate form", choose Digest Reports.
  2. I've elected to print each Digest Report on a separate page.

Although "An alternate form" presents many "reports" to select from, only Digest Report and Document Profile are valid.

The resulting report.