Global Redact

The Global Redact tool allows you to create a Redaction Group that applies a redaction in bulk across many documents without having to create a redaction extract for each document. For example, when you need to redact a social insurance number or email address across many documents.

Arcade v SkyHigh - n. Redactions\by Redaction Group, Status - IBM Notes

Creating a Redaction Group

  • First select the documents you wish to redact in bulk:
Arcade v SkyHigh - a. Documents\by Date - IBM Notes
  • Then click on [R+Redaction Tools > Global Redact].
  • When the view with all redactions, organized by document, pop up, pick the redaction you wish to duplicate across the selected documents and click "OK"
Arcade v SkyHigh - a. Documents\by Date - IBM Notes
  • You'll be advised that either a new Redaction Group is being created, or you are adding documents to an additional Redaction Group.
  • After the redaction has been duplicated to the selected documents, you will be advised how many redactions exist in the group, and how many of those are still pending to be applied. You will be asked if you wish to apply the pending redactions.

If you chose not to apply them, you can apply them later, either by selecting all of them and using [Redaction Tools > Apply Redactions] as usual, or by using the [L+Redactions > by Redaction Group, Status] view to apply all pending redactions belonging to a Redaction Group as follows:

  • Switch to the [L+Redactions > by Redaction Group, Status] view. This view displays all redaction groups organized by their Redaction Group UNID. To help you identify different redactions, some information about the redaction is displayed next to the Redaction Group UNID.
  • Select just one extract from the group to process and click on [R+Redaction Tools > Apply Redactions]. When you are prompted answer "Yes" to process all redactions in the group.
Arcade v SkyHigh - n. Redactions\by Redaction Group, Status - IBM Notes

Modifying a Redaction Group

When you save a redaction that is part of a Redaction Group that has been modified, you are given the option to update all other copies of that redaction in the group, or remove the modified redaction from the group and just update it with the modifications made.

To delete a redaction group or some redactions in the group, select the redactions from the [L+Redactions > by Redaction Group, Status] view and click on [R+Profile Maintenance > Delete / Un-delete].