Deleting profiles

To avoid deleting important information or documents by mistake, MasterFile uses a soft delete by default. If you try and delete a profile with the Del key you will receive a message warning you not to proceed. Instead, MasterFile uses a delete/un-delete function that marks profiles for deletion and removes them from all views. However, the profiles still remain in the database, so if you decide you do need them, you can restore them by un-deleting.

Soft Deletions

In this article, 'deleting' refers to soft deleting. Permanently deleting profiles is covered in a section at the end.

You can delete a profile from within it using 'Delete/Un-delete' from 'Document Functions' on the profile button bar

or by selecting it in a view and using [R+ Profile Maintenance > Delete / Un-delete]. Deleted documents are moved to the [L+ Miscellaneous > Deletions and Exclusions] views.

Occasionally, you might see a message similar to the one below if a profile contains specific information such as a disclosure entry, or has attachments, etc.

Permanent deletions

Permanent profile deletions require ACL and system knowledge. The details are provided for you to use at your own risk. If you err in modifying the database ACL as explained, or mistakenly change a setting, you may lose access to your case permanently, even if you engage us to try and resolve the problem. Any support for such errors are not covered by your MasterFile maintenance and technical support subscription and will be billed as professional services.

Permanently deleting a document from the database will cause doc-links that reference it, either from the current or other MasterFile databases, to fail -- even if you later cut and paste the deleted documents from a backup database. For this reason, we suggest that typically, you don't permanently delete documents.

However, since there are  instances when doing so makes sense, such as deleting extraneous keywords or a duplicate profile, a PDF with instructions is linked below.

try it - Deleting/un-deleting several profiles

Select the profiles to delete from the appropriate view. Here, we're deleting three documents from the by Date view.

  • Click in the selection margin next to each profile you want to delete. A check mark is displayed next to all selected profile rows. You can also click on the profile's row and press the space bar to select (or de-select) it.
  • Click on [R+ Profile Maintenance > Delete / Un-delete] to delete the selected profiles.

The select profiles are removed and disappear from all views. Here they are in the Deletions and Exclusions views.

Note that all of the document's extracts were deleted too. When you delete or restore a document its extracts move with it. You can of course delete an individual extract and conversely, you can only restore an extract only if its related document still exists.