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Report Folders / Customized Reporting

Report Folders are folders that can be customized to display field information of your choosing from document, fact or player profiles. Use them to look at specific profiles with data columns different to MasterFile's standard views. Apart from new tabular views, you can also use Grab n Go briefs to report on the customized column views in any briefs you are creating. For more sophisticated manipulation, selected rows can also be easily copied and pasted into Excel.

Creating a new Report Folder

  • Click on [R+ Folder Functions > Customized Report Folders]. The following dialog window is displayed, listing any existing Report Folders.
  • Enter the new folder's name. Note that you must enter a name first before choosing columns. To reset the form, clear the Report Folder name and click in any field to reset the form.
  • Select the columns to display from the pop up list available in the "Folder columns" field.
  • Click OK.

Columns correspond to profile and player field names. If you are unsure of a field name, you can see it in the pop-up help for each profile field. Folder columns can be easily reordered by dragging and dropping their titles.

Your selected columns are shown.

  • Click OK to continue.
  • New Report Folders appear with others in [L+ Folders > w. Report Folders] as below.

The new Report Folder and with some documents added.

  • When defining your report, you can add fields from different profiles; however, those columns will be blank where a field is not present in the corresponding profile to that row.
  • You can sort a folder's contents by designating which column to sort it by. More sophisticated sorting can be easily performed by selecting the required rows, copying them with Edit > Copy as > Table and pasting to Excel for other manipulation.

Revising a Report Folder

To revise a Report Folder, select it from the list of existing folders. Its current details will be displayed for you to revise as necessary. Click "OK" to update your changes. If you select another folder to revise, your changes will be lost.

Using Report Folders

  • To use a Report Folder, click on [L+ Folders > w. Report Folders] and drag and drop (selected) profiles from any view into it.
  • Grab n Go Briefs can also be used to reports from Report Folders as for any view.