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How to fix Windows 10 printer issues

In Windows 10, Windows takes over the management of the default printer instead of letting an application control printers as it needs.

When importing native emails and for several other functions, MasterFile has to switch to its own own printer, complete its tasks and then switch the Windows default printer back to the original setting. Windows 10's default settings prevent this process happening with the end result that MasterFile tasks do not complete.

To fix this issue please follow this article.

  • Open System Settings from Windows Start and choose Printers and Scanners


  • Click on Start and start typing Printers. The Printers and Scanners option will appear in the menu.
  • Click on Printers and Scanners and from the window displayed, scroll to the option "Let Windows my default printer" and turn it off, as shown below.
  • Dismiss the window.

MasterFile functions will now work properly.