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Creating practice specific case templates

For similar case files, such as family law, malpractice, personal injury and so forth, Case Templates let you configure your own masters with your standard document types, issues, players and other keywords as well as any generic documents or facts specific to that practice area. You can also grant specific user permissions to the Case Template. You then clone a Case Template to create actual case databases quickly that are pre-configured and ready to go.

MasterFile automatically prefixes your case template name with "PRE -- ".

Creating the Case Template

From the MasterFile_Template, click on [R+] > Create > Database.

For more information on database creation please see Creating a new case or matter.

Creating the Case Template

Click on the option below and enter the Case Template name. The prefix PRE -- will be added automatically. My template is calles PI Master - A where I'll set out common information for personal injury matters.

If the Domino server field is filled in, leave as is so the Case Template is  created on your MasterFile server. That's what you want as others will use the template to create those types of cases too.

Customizing the Case Template

You can now add any specific keywords, issues, players and grant access as required for this type of case so those are preset when you create a new database for that type of matter.

I'll add a new Medical Records document type keyword called "Physiotherapy Report' and some Issue/Topics to the Case Template.

Customizing the Case Template

Adding the new issues

  • Negligence - Failure to Maintain Adequate Airway\Failed to mobilize secretions
  • Negligence - Failure to Maintain Adequate Airway\Failure to Adequately Hydrate Patient

Cloning the Case Template for a new matter

To clone a Case Template, simply open it and choose [R+] > Create > Clone this Pre-configured Case

Cloning the Case Template for a new matter

And the following dialog is displayed.

  • Type the matter name (A vs XYZ Ins Personal Injury below)
  • Click OK

The new matter database is created (#1) and opened including the preset configurations we made (#2).