Document Profiles

Each document in your case/investigation is attached to a document profile.

Besides static evidence, document profiles also store new or existing documents still under review. These no longer need to be stored elsewhere and can be managed without expensive third party document management systems. Saving a work product document saves it back to its profile.

As shown below, the profile fields are grouped into the following sections:

  • Primary Information
  • Additional Information
  • Security
  • OCR/Transcript /Full Text of Document.

Profiles describe their document. MasterFile uses profile information to organize evidence so you can quickly locate what you're looking for by browsing or searching the database.

A document profile includes details such as:

  • the document's date, type, author and recipient, if any,
  • a short description and your own notes,
  • draft copies of the document, if any,
  • the users permitted to view the document or edit the profile,
  • where originals (paper) copies are located,
  • links to relevant issues, players or topics such as a location,
  • transcript text,
  • searchable OCR text of a scanned document or image.

When you open a document profile by double clicking its row on any view, "Primary Information" opens by default.

  • Use the grey triangles to collapse and expand sections.
  • Left click and hold your mouse over the "?" that precedes any field name to see its pop-up help.
  • Press <Esc> to close a profile window or the 'X' on its tab.

Note that in preview mode, the sections "Primary Information", "Security" and "Delivery" are hidden.