HelpMasterFileLoading EvidenceHow do I place (open) CSV files in Excel for MasterFile?

How do I place (open) CSV files in Excel for MasterFile?

Whenever you are working with CSV files for MasterFile, they must be placed in Excel from the Excel data tab as text, not double clicked or opened. In the latter case, dates and other values are incorrectly represented in Excel and will affect those values in MasterFile.

Create a blank Excel worksheet.

Switch to the Data tab and click on From text

Navigate to the folder where you saved the CSV you want to open, select it and click on Import.

In the Excel Text Import Wizard which appears next, set Delimited and click on Next.

Set Comma and click on Next.

On this step

  1. Drag the scroll bar all the way to the right
  2. Hold the shift key and click in the last column to paint all columns shown
  3. Set Text radio button
  4. Click on Finish.

Click OK to place the CSV file beginning in the first cell of the blank worksheet, A1.

The original CSV file open in Excel. You can now save it as a native Excel XLSX file or as a CSV file again.