Printing views

If you need printed reports of document, extract or fact profiles, or player lists, keyword lists, etc., you simply need to print a view that matches your requirements, such as the "by From; To" view printed below.

Views are best printed in landscape mode as they are always quite wide.

Views print as they are displayed on the screen. If categories are expanded they will be printed. Otherwise just the unexpanded title will print, as shown above. You can expand or collapse all categories in a view by choosing View > Expand/Collapse from the menu bar.

To print specific rows or category titles of a view, select just those rows by clicking in the selection margin.

try it - Printing a view

Click [R+ Intake : Reporting : Send > Print reports] or choose File > Print.

On the next dialog box

  1. Set "Selected view" to print the currently displayed view.
  2. From the "Page set-up" tab, choose "Landscape".
  3. Click "Preview..." to see a preview of printed view.
  4. Close the preview window; click OK to print.