Evidence Cruncher services control high volume OCR, PDF conversion and production in MasterFile. Production in MasterFile is managed through Briefcases, a special version of a MasterFile database, with production specific Evidence Cruncher services found there.

From the Evidence Cruncher's simple wizard, you can

  • OCR images and scanned documents into searchable PDF.
  • Convert native formats like Word or Outlook, etc. into PDF (over 100 types are supported).
  • Cluster documents into duplicates and near-duplicates and thread emails by content to dramatically cut review time.
  • Streamline production, Bates stamping, tracking and archival management in native, TIF or PDF format in response to disclosure requests.

Using the Evidence Cruncher

The Evidence Cruncher can be installed on all or some workstations. In some cases, because the OCR/PDF crunching process can tax the machine it is running on, a dedicated workstation may be more suitable. Any number of users can run the Evidence Cruncher simultaneously against a case to distribute processing.

  • To crunch documents in MasterFile databases, you simply select the documents to process from any view and invoke the Evidence Cruncher. Within a few minutes a searchable PDF version of the document file along with the OCR text generated from document images will be stored back in the profiles, i.e. the profile will have been crunched.
  • To crunch a directory, and optionally its subdirectories, you simply selecting the directory and invoke the Evidence Cruncher. As OCR/PDF crunching proceeds, the PDF file and OCR text file generated from document images are created back in the source file's directory.
  • Briefcase functions are covered in Production.