Often you will need to revise the information stored in a set of document profiles. For example, you may need to:

  • replace a value with a new one in selected profiles -- such as the "Locations of originals" field,
  • add or remove values from fields that allow multiple values -- for example to add or remove topics, issues or reminder tasks,
  • revise the summary descriptions for selected profiles -- for example to correct errors or missing field values after a batch load or CSV file load.

To complete such bulk revisions quickly and easily, MasterFile provides the several maintenance utilities that are explained in this section.

Only non-shaded profile fields may be updated with the maintenance tools.

Documents revised with the maintenance tools need to be "refreshed" and show a lightning bolt on their row. On a local replica, refresh these by clicking on [R+ Profile Maintenance > Extract Refresher] which runs the Extract refresher agent immediately. On a server, the refresher is run periodically but you can also trigger it immediately with [R+ Profile Maintenance > Extract Refresher].

Global Replace

Use "Global Replace" to replace field values in a batch of selected of document profiles with new values. Note only users with the "Administrator" role can use "Global Replace".

  • Select the document profiles to revise.
  • Click on [R+ Review and Revision Tools > Global Replace] to display the "Global Replace" profile.
  • Enter the new value in each field that you want set a new value. You can only set new values, not clear existing ones.
  • Click "OK".

The corresponding fields in the selected profiles are set to your new values.

Global Add / Remove

Use "Global Add/Remove" to add or remove values from those profile fields that allow multiple values, such as linking to additional issues or reminders, adding or removing disclosees, or adding or removing users from profile security. Unlike the other maintenance tools, "Global Add/Remove" can be used with document, extract and fact profiles. Note only users with the "Administrator" role may use "Global Add/Remove".

Select the document, extract or fact profiles, or players, to which you wish to add or unlink more issues, topics, etc.

  • Click on [R+ Review and Revision Tools > Global Add / Remove].
  • A form appears with the fields, which allow multiple values.
  • Click on "Add" or "Remove" at the top.
  • Complete the form with the new values to add or remove from the profiles you selected.
  • Click "OK".

The chosen topics, players, etc. will be added to or removed from the selected document, extract and fact profiles.

Power Assisted Edit

Use "Power Assisted Edit" to rapidly revise selected document profiles without having to open and close them one by one. Power Assisted Review is especially useful for rapidly correcting errors or missing field values in profiles created by Express Load's Batch Load or CSV File Load modes.

  • Select the document profiles you wish to revise.
  • Click on [R+ Review and Revision Tools > Power Assisted Edit].
  • The fields of the first profile are displayed in the Power Assisted Edit window. You can:
    • Revise the contents of any field.
    • Skip the current document and move to the next -- changes made to  profile values are ignored and the profile is not updated.
    • View the attached document itself -- only attached (not embedded) documents can be viewed.
  • Click "OK" to update the profile with the new values you've set and advance to the next profile. If you turn on the "Automatically view document" the next document will be displayed automatically for you to review.
  • To stop "Power Assisted Review", click "Cancel".

The order in which documents are processed may not match the order in which they appear in the view where they were selected.

Issue/Topic Folders

"Issue/Topic Folders" are folders that are named to match your issues and topics. You simply drag and drop profiles into them to rapidly tag profiles with the respective issues/topics.