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Excluding or hiding profiles

Often, there are certain documents you want to keep but exclude or hide from views. For example, it is not uncommon to have documents that are of little relevance, or documents and e-mails that are near duplicates of other, that should be retained but do not need to be shown in the database document views.


You can exclude a profile from within it using 'Exclude/Un-exclude' from 'Document Functions' on the profile button bar

or by selecting it in a view and using [R+ Profile Maintenance > Exclude / Un-exclude].

To remove these, select them from any view and then click on [R+ Profile Maintenance/Exclude / Un-exclude].

Excluded documents (and their extracts) are moved to the [L+ Miscellaneous > Deletions and Exclusions] and removed from all views except  the 'by Last edit date' and 'by Entered date' views. If they contain near-duplicate analysis, they remain in the [L+ Near duplicates] views except their row's text will now be light grey show the 'Zzz' icon.

If you open a document that has been excluded, directly, or via a doc-link, you are advised it has been hidden by the yellow "Excluded" indicator at the top right of its banner as shown below.

try it - Excluding/un-excluding several profiles

Select the profiles to delete from the appropriate view. Here, we're excluding three documents from the by Date view.

  • Click in the selection margin next to each profile you want to exclude. A check mark is displayed next to all selected profile rows. You can also click on the profile's row and press the space bar to select (or de-select) it.
  • Click on [R+ Profile Maintenance > Exclude / Un-exclude] to exclude the selected profiles.

The selected profiles are removed and disappear from all views. Here they are in the Deletions and Exclusions views.

Note that all of the document's extracts were excluded too. When you delete or restore a document its extracts move with it. You can of course exclude an individual extract and conversely, you can only restore an extract only if its related document has not been excluded.