Our research has shown that in 90% of situations, when people know the document they are looking for, they are able to pinpoint it very quickly if the document database was not organized by mimicking a "filing cabinet", but instead, was organized by date, by author, by recipient, by document type and by issue/topic, and they are able to simply browse these categories rather than being always required to do a search.

Therefore, in MasterFile, you won't find a "file cabinet" metaphor but instead a set of views, which you rapidly browse to find your document -- in 2 or 3 clicks.

MasterFile's 75 views automatically keep evidence, authorities, research, work product, document extracts and facts sorted and grouped for ready reference by the above or your own criteria. Simply browsing the MasterFile database lets you quickly find what you need. Searching becomes browsing. When you need, advanced search including boolean, fuzzy, proximity and other functions, is there too.

Here's an example of the 'by Date' view. Documents are shown in descending date order.

In the 'by From, To' view, documents are shown categorized by author and then for each author, by recipients.


The table below lists MasterFile's different views according to the profiles and information they display.

View type Function
Documents, Research, Extracts Views that list and categorize all case documents. Extract profiles are also included, either grouped with ther source document or separately depending on the particular view.
Facts, Chronologies Views that organize fact profiles and the case chronology.
Everything Views that organize all documents, extracts, facts and players by issue/topic.
Evidence Cruncher Views dealing with crunch statuses.
Near Duplicates Views that cluster similar documents and e-mail threads together.
Pleadings & Disclosures Views that let you track and review documents that have been disclosed or produced.
Things to do

Views that list document, extract and fact profiles requiring further action such as

  • adding to facts,
  • addressing related questions that are outstanding, and
  • dealing with related reminders or any general reminder notes

 as set out in the "Things to do" section of their profiles.

Keywords Views let you review, manage and edit all keywords in the database.
Miscellaneous Views for managing MasterFile.