Creating keywords

Keywords affect the manner in which views categorize profiles, classify and/or group documents. They also help you complete profiles faster and with less errors.

Note that in a multi-user MasterFile environment, only users with the "Keyword Admin" or "Administrator" roles can edit or add to the keyword lists.

You can create keywords for

  • document types,
  • ways to identify extracts of documents (page, paragraph, etc.),
  • issues and subject topics,
  • reminder task descriptions,
  • locations and/or files where paper copies of imaged documents are kept,
  • players, i.e. individuals and/or organizations for the from/author, to/recipient, etc. fields in profiles,
  • methods by which documents are delivered (courier, mail, etc.), and
  • court actions in which a document has been used as evidence.

When you load documents such as native email or with a load file, if certain metadata keywords do not exist in MasterFile, profiles and views will still appear properly categorized by the metadata. There is no requirement to actually add such 'keywords' to the appropriate keyword lists, but doing so will enable faster and less error prone manual data entry in profiles.

In MasterFile v8 and higher, MasterFile will present you a list of new metadata keywords it found in any selected profiles. You can choose the ones to be added to the appropriate keyword lists.

Creating a keyword

Click Create > Keyword : Player

A blank keyword profile opens.

Select the type of list you are adding to.

In the example below, we're adding a Player. Expanding the list help by clicking on the twisty gives you detailed help and syntax for the values you enter.

The only field that is required is the Keyword Value.

If you're adding players that belong to the same organization as an existing Player key word, click "Show existing values" and select that player from the list. The organization is entered and the cursor precedes the slash ready for you to type their name.

In this case, I used the format <First Name> <LastName>\Organization as shown below.

Click the disk icon to save, or click Save and make new to add another keyword.

In this player's profile, you can also see the profiles linked to him, as well as a few other details that have been filled out.

Viewing all keywords

  1. On the left panel, use the [L+ Keywords : Players/all Keywords] to see all keywords, grouped by the list they belong to.
  2. Expanding a category gives you a flat view.
  3. You can delete any keyword that is marked "No" in the System column. Click the column header to sort the list.

And here's the list of players from the "players: by Name" keyword view.