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How do I create a folder based on a specific view type?

Folders explained

A Folder in MasterFile is a static collection of documents, unlike MasterFile's views which are dynamic and reflect new profiles added to the case database etc.

This article explains how to create Folders based on specific MasterFile views. The new folder then acts like and takes on the appearance of that view. Report Folders created from the [R+] > Reporting differ from these general purpose Folders as they display your own selection of profile fields whereas Folders take on the characteristics of MasterFile's built-in views.

Creating the Folder

Click on Create > Folder

Creating the Folder

In the dialog box that is displayed

  1. Type in the folder name -- Core Documents, by Date in the screenshot below, and then
  2. Click on Advanced ...

Notice that the field Copy style from folder is currently set to Everything\by Profile Type. We're going to change this to the by Date view.

Click on Copy From ...

Locate the view on which to base the folder. In this example, we are creating a folder based on the by Date view, for documents, so that's what I've selected.

Copy style from folder is now set to Documents\by Date.

Click OK

The new folder is created and shown in [L+] > Folders.

Adding profiles to the new folder

  1. Select the documents to add to the folder.
  2. Drag and drop them onto the folder name.

Click on the folder to see the added documents displayed by Date.

Documents already in a folder are ignored and not duplicated if you drag them in again.

Removing profiles from a folder

In MasterFile, only one copy of a profile exists, so profiles added to the new folder are pointers to the actual documents. Therefore, you remove profiles from a folder, not delete them. Deleting will delete the profile from all views. In the folder view, select the profile(s) to remove and choose Actions > Remove From Folder