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How do I display search results by relevance or by view order

When you search a view, the results are ranked by relevance, with most relevant results at the top.

In some instances, especially when you are looking at a document or fact chronology, preserving the results in the same order as the view, i.e. chronological order in this case, is useful.

Here's how to do both.

Default search results ranked by relevance

To search a view, enable the search box by choosing 'Search This View' from the View menu.

Default search results ranked by relevance

The search box is displayed.

  1. If the Indexed indicator is not green, create or update the index as explained here.
  2. Note that 'Show results' says 'By relevance".
  3. On some versions of Notes, the Show results drop down box is displayed when you expand the search box using the button in red.

An expanded search box is shown here. To collapse it click the button in red again.

There is a full range of advanced search functions including boolean expressions available. Advanced searching will be covered in a separate article shortly.

  1. Type your search criteria a shown below.
  2. Click Search.

Results are displayed ranked by relevance.

Search results in current view order

To display results in view order, from the 'Show results' option select 'Sorted like current view'. The results take on the display style of the view being searched - chronological in this case. You can do this after searching as above or before you start your search.

Search results in current view order

Results are now chronologically displayed per the view's characteristics. The above highlighted profile is still highlighted in its chronological order. Note that the results are also selected in the selection margin.

Search results displayed 'Within all documents'

The last option of Show results, 'Within all documents', is useful - usually if the number of profiles is small - to see results in view order in relation to the other profiles in the view. However, this option should be switched to after doing a search 'By relevance or 'Sorted like current view' to retain the selection marks in the selection margin, so you can see the results against the other profiles.