Creating a new case or matter

You create a new database for every case or project that you work on. The database stores all the information relevant to that project – documents, evidence, facts, scanned materials or images, audio/visual files, as well as your own argument and thoughts – in one computer file on your hard-disk. This single-file-per-case design eliminates backup and portability complexities too.

New cases and pre-configured Case Templates are all created from the MasterFile Template on your Workspace.

Double click on the MasterFile_Template to open it.

When the template opens, from the right menu panel ([R+]) click on Create > Database.

On the Create Database dialog that opens, MF\ is pre-filled by default and is the folder in which your cases are created, either locally or on a MasterFile Domino server. It is itself a folder in the Notes or Domino data area, respectively. You can change this location (MF\) in User Settings, but we recommend simply using the default. To find your local Notes data directory, see Locating the Notes data directory.

In the example below, the Domino server field is blank. This means that the database will be created locally, i.e. on the computer you're working on. Domino server users will have their server name pre-filled by default and by blanking it out, as shown below, the database is created locally and not on their Domino server. Standalone users will never have a Domino server name pre-filled and databases are all created locally.

  • Type the case name. The case name can be any description such as alpha-numerica case number, parties, or a general description like 'Research material', etc. and then
  • Press OK

The new case is created in a few seconds and opens.

Click Start MasterFile or press Escape. Ignore the red line "Click here ..."

Note that if you are creating a case on a Domino server the creation time can take a minute or longer. If you are located remotely, depending on Internet connection speed this can sometimes take up to 10 minutes. During this time, Notes will often display 'Not responding' in the Notes window's title bar. It actually is working, but Windows having not detected that's the case, causes that display.