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How do I tag profiles using issue/topic folders?


Issue/Topic folders are a quick way to tag profiles with issues and topics without having to edit each one, or use Power Assisted Edit using drag and drop. There are two steps

  1. Select the issues you want to work with; MasterFile generates the folders.
    • As you review, drag and drop profiles to the appropriate issue/topic folders. The profiles are held in their folders until you process them; other team members can also participate in the review process too.
  2. Process the folders which assigns the profiles the respective issue/topics.

Create Folders

Click [R+ Folder Functions > Create Issue/Topic Folders]

Since I'm working with Liability, I select those issue topics.

On the left panel, three new folders are created matching these issues ...

and as I review the documents or other profiles, I simply have to drag and drop the profiles into the appropriate folder. I can select profiles in the selection margin too which  stay selected as I review; in that case, when I drag, all selected documents follow.

My document in the "Contractor" issue topic folder.

Click [R+ Folder Functions > Process Issue/Topic Folders]

In the dialog box the appears, select all issue/topic folders to process and click OK. The profiles are tagged.