HelpMasterFile ProductionDistributing briefcases and/or produced documents

Distributing briefcases and/or produced documents

Once production is complete and the briefcase locked, you can distribute it or its documents as needed.

Sending formats

There are several ways to send produced documents. You can

  • Print all or selected documents as hard copy, 
  • Save all or selected documents as individual PDFs or single/multi-page B&W TIFF files, or
  • Save all or selected documents as a single bookmarked PDF.
  • Send a copy of the MasterFile briefcase itself. See the caveat below.


  • Click [R+ Evidence Cruncher > Document Services] from within the briefcase and choose the appropriate document service from the options available. The window shown below displayed changes accordingly.

"Dump briefcase into one PDF" extracts all documents in a briefcase produced in PDF format and aggregates them into one PDF. The aggregate PDF will contain bookmarks, with Bates numbers and other document information, to each document within it.

To distribute a MasterFile briefcase as a Notes database, simply copy it to CD or data DVD. However, note that some confidential information in the summary or other fields may get disclosed and therefore we don't recommend distributing the briefcase itself.