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Installing updates and patches - macOS

Before starting, please note

  • No Windows applications other than MasterFile and those explained in the macOS section of this knowledgebase should be installed in the MasterFile bottle. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • If you do install any 3rd party Windows applications into the MasterFile bottle, you may corrupt your installation; it may not be recoverable. Any support for such errors are not covered by your MasterFile maintenance and technical support subscription and will be billed as professional services.

We also recommend you archive your installation before starting, as explained here.

1. Click "Install a Windows application" on the Crossover window.
2. Navigate to the file you downloaded.

Here, we assume a patch called REST is being installed.

  • Type RESTX and click 'Continue'. You can type any similar name to the installer file, but in the event some other application is matched, keep typing till you see "Unlisted application" as the choice, as shown below.
  1. Click on Installer
  2. Click Choose Installer File
  1. Navigate to the file you downloaded
  2. Click "Use this Installer"

Click "Select Bottle". Do not click "Continue".

You will then see the following screen.

  1. Select bottle is highlighted.
  2. Select the MasterFile bottle as shown.
  3. Click Continue.

The final confirmation screen is shown next. The path will be specific to your macOS.

  • Click Install
  • Press Next as prompted and let the installation complete.
  • Press Finish to end.

The installation completes and the final cleanup takes place as shown below.

Click "Done" when it turns blue and then double click the Notes icon from the Crossover window to start it.