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Installing MasterFile - Windows Standalone Users

These instructions apply to standalone MasterFile users who do not connect to a server.

1. Installing Notes
  1. Download the installation file and double click it to launch the installer.
  2. The Welcome to MasterFile and Notes screen is displayed.
  3. Click Next.

Enter your proper name for your Notes ID, for example John Doe.

You can change the Notes installation and data directory if you prefer; however, we recommend you use the defaults (C: \Program Files (x86)\IBM\Notes\ for the program directory and C: \Program Files (x86)\IBM\Notes\Data for the Notes data directory).

  • Click Next.

Files are copied and Notes installs.

2. Installing MasterFile

The MasterFile installation process starts and the Welcome to MasterFile screen is shown next.  

On the Select Components screen choose MasterFile or MasterFile Personal Edition and leave the other options unchecked as shown.

You can change the default MasterFile installation directories if you prefer; however, we recommend you use the default.

The Installation settings are summarized next.

  • If everything looks correct, click OK and then Next; otherwise, click OK and then Previous to go back.
  • Enter your email on the screen below.
  • If you received a serial number from us, open it in NotePad and copy the entire string. Use Ctrl-v (or right click and Paste) to paste it into the Serial Number field. You can also skip this step and enter your serial number at a later time in MasterFile.
  • Click Next and installation continues.
  • Click Finish on the final screen to end.

Installation is now complete.

  • Start Notes. Notes will complete its initialization and display this screen.
  • Click OK.

The Notes workspace is displayed with two or more square icons like this and is ready to use.

4. When you need to start MasterFile

To start MasterFile, double click the Notes icon on the desktop or by selecting the Notes icon from the IBM group off the Start menu. The Workspace opens with your cases.

You could also select the identically looking MasterFile icon from the MasterFile group, but that will open the Workspace and the MasterFile_Template each time. We recommend you use the Notes icon.