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Installing MasterFile Cloud Services - Windows Users

These instructions apply to MasterFile users who are connecting to MasterFile Cloud Services for collaboration or to work from different locations or computers. If you are using Remote Desktop Services or Citrix, please see this article.

1. Preparing the dominoUsers.INI file
  • Download the .ID file you received from us for MasterFile Cloud Services to your computer.
  • Download the dominoUsers.INI or dominoUsers.TXT file too.

The dominoUsers.INI file controls installation. It looks like this, and will be preset with your .ID file.


The dominoUsers.INI file must be in the same folder as the .ID file on each computer where MasterFile is being installed. If you did not receive it for download, you can create it as explained below.

Example dominoUsers.INI file

Edit the attached file and enter your ID file names as shown to create the dominousers.INI file if needed.

Additional users

Add additional users sequentially numbered the same way. For example:

Repeat the installation process for each additional user and make sure dominousers.txt and each user's .ID file are both on the desktop or in the same folder on their computer.

2. Installing Notes
  1. Download the MasterFile installation file from the links you received and double click it to launch the installer.
  2. The Welcome to MasterFile and Notes screen is displayed.
  3. Click Next.
  • Click the button to navigate to Navigate to the folder where you downloaded dominoUsers.TXT.

You can change the Notes installation and data directory if you prefer; however, we recommend you use the defaults (C: \Program Files (x86)\IBM\Notes\ for the program directory and C: \Program Files (x86)\IBM\Notes\Data for the Notes data directory).

  • Click "Next".
  • On the next screen, pick the user you are installing.

Files are copied and Notes installs.

  • When the next screen is displayed, drag it out of the way to complete Notes setup.
  • On the next screen, enter the password we sent you when prompted.
  • Click "Log In".
2.1. If no password prompt is displayed ...

If you do not not see the password prompt above and instead, there could have been an error such as a

  • misspelled user’s name
  • incorrect entry in the Domino setup info (misspelled server name or domain, etc.)
  • user’s .ID file was not found
  • could not connect to server (DNS not resolved, IP incorrect, firewall blocking port 1352, etc.).

Notes will revert to manual setup and you will see a screen like this


  • Complete manual configuration by following this set of slides, or
  • Install our remote software from this link (you can uninstall the software when done) and then contact us to connect to your PC to resolve the issue.

On the next screen click OK.

The Notes workspace is displayed with two or more square icons like this

  • Exit Notes.
  • Click OK to now dismiss this screen.
3. Installing MasterFile

The MasterFile installation process starts and the Welcome to MasterFile screen is shown next.  

On the Select Components screen MasterFile and Timeline is preselected.

  • Select the "Arcade v SkyHigh demo case".
  • Leave the other options unchecked as shown.

You can change the default MasterFile installation directories if you prefer; however, we recommend you use the default.

The Installation settings are summarized next.

  • If everything looks correct, click OK and then Next; otherwise, click OK and then Previous to go back.
  • Enter your email on the screen below.
  • If you received a serial number from us, open it in NotePad, copy it and then use Ctrl-v (or right click and Paste) to paste it into the Serial Number field shown. You can also skip this step and enter your serial number at a later time in MasterFile.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Next on the following screen. Installation continues.
  • Click Finish on the final screen to end.

Installation is now complete.

  • Start Notes.
  • You will be prompted for your/the user’s password.
4. When you need to start MasterFile

To start MasterFile, double click the Notes icon on the desktop or by selecting the Notes icon from the IBM group off the Start menu. The Workspace opens with your cases.

You could also select the MasterFile icon (it looks the same) from the MasterFile group, but that will open the Workspace and the MasterFile_Template each time.