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Adding a new Evidence Cruncher serial


This article assumes you have already installed the Evidence Cruncher and are activating it after purchasing, or adding a new serial number either to increase the monthly OCR page count or to add a specific number of pages perhaps for a large dataset.

Start the Abbyy Licence Manager

From the Start Menu's MasterFile group click on Abbyy License Manager. You can also click on Start and search for Abbyy as above.

In the dialog box below,

  1. Enter new serial number you received from MasterFile.
  2. Click 'Add', and
  3. The serial will appear in 'Added serial numbers',
  4. Click OK.

Click 'Next' on the screen below.

The license manager displays your newly added serial and its status  as 'Active'. Any other active, expired or inactive serials will also be shown; if you have more than one active serial, all will be used to  calculate your monthly or countdown OCR page limits.

Click 'Close'.

Click Close.