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Post installation steps

Three final steps remain to complete setup.

If you are using MasterFile Cloud or a Domino server, or previously installed MasterFile, begin at Step 2.

1. Set your Notes ID's security
  • Choose File > Security > User Security from the main menu bar.
  • Click on What Others Do > Using Workstation and you'll see the window below.
  • Click on What others do > Using Workstation > and then click Add and you'll be shown the dialog box below.
  • Type */MasterFile exactly like that (it's case sensitive) and click OK.
  • Click on */MasterFile and turn on every checkbox shown below. There may be two extra options at the end of the list in some versions of Notes; leave them unchecked.
  • Then click OK.
2. Creating the cross certificate
  • Start MasterFile
    • On Windows: from Start > All Programs > MasterFile.
    • On macOS: double click the Notes styled MasterFile icon.
  • Click Yes on the Create Cross Certificate screen that is shown next.

You may also see one or a few 'Execution Security Alerts' like the one below the first time you use MasterFile.

  • If these appear, simply click the last radio button and OK.
  • Click Yes on the dialog box shown next.

You will always be asked to create a new index when you first start MasterFile or create a new case.

3. Initialize MasterFile

The About MasterFile page will open next. You'll also find the steps below listed under the red twisty.

  • Click 'Start MasterFile' or dismiss the About MasterFile tab.
  • On the right panel, click Administration > Administration Settings and then OK.
  • Next click on Administration > User Settings

and set your email system, if applicable.

If you're connecting to a Domino server, type or paste your fully qualified Domino server name (DominoServerName/DominoDomain) in the field below.

You're all set.

3.1. Now open the example database

Right click on the workspace and choose 'Open Application'

Select the MF folder; then click Open.

Select the example database Arcade vs SkyHigh; then click Open.

The case opens in a new tab with Arcade v SkyHigh as its title.

Click the 'X' on its tab to close the case database. Its icon is now shown on the workspace; double click it to re-open.

Icons for cases you create are automatically shown on the workspace.