The Inspector

Editing selected events

The Inspector lets you examine and edit details about one or selected events. Open it by clicking the toolbar's 'i' icon.

The values shown in the Inspector are preset from MasterFile and you should not have to alter anything as this data corresponds to your case events and should remain the same as in your case. If you do need to change a value, change it for the event in MasterFile and then resend that event and it will be updated on the timeline, keeping values matched.

Basic Event Details

This section lists basic event details from MasterFile.

  • Events: the selected event IDs. Clicking on an ID scrolls that event into view.
  • Title: the event summary from the MasterFile fact profile.
  • Colours: matching colours to the fact and chronology views in MasterFile.
  • Parent: not applicable.

Note that if you select multiple events, as in this example, the Inspector shows their common values or relationships. Values that differ across selected events will be shown as blank; you can still edit them, however, all selected events will be set to the new value you set.

The Range Tab

For any event, MasterFile sends the start and end dates in a preset format that are shown on the Range tab. If the event doesn't span any time, duration will show zero and the timeline, a diamond. 

Note that on events with a small duration and a timeline view that is zoomed out, an event of a short time span may also appear as a diamond due to printing/screen resolution.

Rarely are any events added manually. If you decide a new event is needed, add it in MasterFile and send that one event to the timeline where it will be added automatically. Therefore, no fields on this tab need to be modified.


These fields' values correspond to, and are set from, the same entries on the event's fact profile in MasterFile and need not be modified.

Roles and Relationships

These fields' values correspond to, and are set from, the same entries on the event's fact profile in MasterFile and need not be modified.

You can see or present events grouped by these roles in Timeline just as you can filter or group events by them in MasterFile.

Although you could add new roles, and relationships, we suggest you only do so for very specific requirements and presentations.

Since events are linked to MasterFile, the Links field is preset with a doc-link to the fact profile in MasterFile and should not be modified. Clicking on that in the Inspector or on the event box will open that profile in MasterFile, making it easy to modify if needed, and resent to Timeline to update your timeline.

You can also attach files, images and additional links as necessary to event boxes. To add another doc-link, select the profile in MasterFile, choose the Notes URL to clipboard option, click the green "+" in the Inspector in the Links section and paste the Notes URL link. For example, above, a link to Dr. Brown's orders in MasterFile and a short description has been added.

For other images and files you want to attach browse to the object using the sections green "+" and select it to attach.

The remaining fields are not applicable.