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Creating and saving timelines

The easiest way to create a new timeline is to add events from MasterFile.

Creating a timeline

To create a timeline manually, click the Aeon Timeline icon on the desktop or choose Aeon Timeline off the start menu. This is what you'll see.

Scroll to the Custom Templates area and

  • Click on the MasterFile template (which turns it blue). The other template icons are not designed for law or litigation and focus on other fields.
  • Click Choose to open it

A new, blank timeline will have been created to add events to from MasterFile.

You can choose File > New to create a new timeline at any time and have multiple timelines open that you're working on. Once you have two or more timelines open, you are asked which timeline to add events to from MasterFile. You can also create a new timeline dynamically at that point as well.

Saving a timeline

To save a timeline, choose File > Save or Save As, navigate to the folder you want, and click OK. Timelines all have the extension .aeonzip.

Saving a timeline to MasterFile

You can either

  • Choose File > Save As, navigate to the MasterFile watchfolder and save it there. When you switch back to MasterFile, the watchfolder monitor will detect it and prompt you to save it. You can then complete its profile it like any other document. The default document type of Miscellaneous\Timeline is automatically assigned.


  • Create a blank profile in MasterFile and having saved your timeline to the folder of your choosing, simply drag and drop it into the new profile.