Timeline views

Display areas and components

When Timeline starts, whether you sent events from MasterFile or clicked on its desktop icon or opened/edited a timeline file, it opens and displays its workspace. The Timeline workspace has six main panes and we go over them below. 

Note that if you are first presented with a splash screen requesting an activation serial number, which will have been sent to you from MasterFile, enter it and then click "Activate".


  1. The Central Area - displays the timeline, including events and entity groups (explained later) and is where events are added and or worked with.
  2. The Inspector - which shows you related information and values for selected events.
  3. The Context Bar - an outlined rectangle which you can slide to pan and stretch to zoom and/or change your context to bring surrounding events to the current view on screen.
  4. An event flag - shown here in expanded form with other detail, and the Notes link back to the event's fact profile in MasterFile.
  5. A bookmarks area - where you create shortcuts to jump and zoom the timeline to a specific date or time.