HelpTimelineGetting StartedAdding events to a timeline

Adding events to a timeline

After selecting the events to add, ...

  • Click 'Add to Timeline'.

If no timelines are currently open, a new one is created and the events added to it.

If one timeline is open, the events are added to it.

What happens when several timelines are open?

If several timelines open, you'll see the following prompt before any events are added

  • Answer YES to add the selected events to the currently displayed timeline.
  • Answer NO to cycle through all open timelines until you reach the one you want. After the last open timeline is reached, pressing NO will have no effect.
  • Choosing CANCEL at any time cancels timeline selection, and asks if you would like to create a new timeline instead.
  • Click OK to create the a new timeline and add the selected events to it. 
  • Clicking Cancel at this point will cancel the entire process and no events will be added to any timeline.

The facts selected above as shown on the case timeline chart.