In this article we'll cover the ways to zoom, scroll and search a timeline to narrow your focus to the information you need quickly.


In Timeline, you can zoom in and out to the time scale you want from years to to individual minutes and seconds.

If you set min and max zoom levels for any specific timeline in Timeline Settings, you can smoothly zoom in and out using Ctrl+ the mouse scroll wheel or by adjusting the zoom slider on the toolbar.


When you're working on a case, you can jump to focus on key events and explore their impact on others by adding bookmarks at those key moments interspersed within larger time periods.

To bookmark a specific time period, scroll to it, zoom to your desired time scale bringing the relevant events into view, and then click Add from the bookmark bar at the bottom of the Timeline window to add a bookmark for that event time with an appropriate description.

Each time you click on a bookmark, such as the two red dates below, your timeline toggles between your preset zoomed section and back to your previous or normal view.

Pressing Ctrl+f takes you to the search bar.

To find an event, type a search term and hit Enter and the next matching event is selected and scrolled into view.

To jump to any point in time, type a date instead and the timeline is scrolled directly to that date.


The unique Context Bar at the centre bottom of the Timeline window, is an interactive zooming scroller. Its rectangular lens highlights your current position within the timeline with dots representing events. Dots within the context bar lens show you events in your current view and dots outside the lens, the surrounding timeline.

Drag the lens to scroll the timeline, or click on any other location on the Context Bar to jump directly to that date. You can also adjust your zoom by stretching the lens from its left or right edge.