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Installing Evidence Cruncher

General information

MasterFile's optional Evidence Cruncher module manages OCR, PDF conversion and production tasks within MasterFile. MasterFile should already be installed on the workstation that will be used for these tasks.

Generally, one Evidence Cruncher license is adequate per workgroup of up to 5 or so users. Multiple licenses or a concurrent use network license can also be used to run tasks simultaneously in one or multiple case databases, or if you have heavy processing volumes.


MasterFile should already be running and installed on this workstation.

If this is a new workstation or you have just installed applications such as Word, Word Perfect, Acrobat, etc., start and complete and dismiss permanently any start-up, registration, informative or 'help' pop-up screens that require user input.

After the license and splash screens are shown, you will see the dialog box below.

The Evidence Cruncher can run as a Windows service or an application. The only difference is a slight (less than 10 second) start-up delay the first time it is invoked after a Windows restart or boot. Either method is fine.

To run the Evidence Cruncher as a service, you must be logged on with a local Windows administrator account. That will normally be the case on your personal computer or laptop; otherwise you may have to check (perhaps with your IT department) to make sure.

If you wish to run the Evidence Cruncher as a Windows service enter your Windows password in the field shown.

Click 'Next' to continue.

Next, you'll need the Evidence Cruncher serial you were sent with your trial or purchase.

Click 'OK' to dismiss the prompt and on the next screen, click 'Add new'.

In the dialog box below,

  1. Enter the evaluation or permanent serial number you received from MasterFile.
  2. Click 'Add', and
  3. The serial number will be displayed as shown.
  4. Click 'OK'.

Click 'Next' on the screen below.

The license manager displays your newly added serial and its status as 'Active'. Any other active, expired or inactive serials will also be shown; if you have more than one active serial, all will be used to calculate your monthly or countdown OCR page limits.

Click 'Close'.

An informative dialog box explaining the final process is shown next.

Do not press OK yet.

When the contents of the second screen shown below will be displayed look similar to the Attention dialog box immediately below, (you may have to drag this screen out of the way), then ...

  1. Click on Converter > Stop
  2. Click Converter > Exit to exit the converter app, and then click 'Yes' to confirm.
  3. Now click 'OK' on the Attention dialog box shown earlier to dismiss it and let installation complete.

Click 'Next' and then 'Finish' on the final two dialog boxes below to end installation.

Post installation steps

Start Notes, and open the MasterFile template.

  • From the right panel, click Administration > Administration Settings and then OK.
  • Next click on Administration > User Settings and then OK.

You're all set.