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Installing MasterFile - macOS

On macOS, MasterFile uses Crossover for a seamless experience and runs just like a regular macOS app. Crossover is installed first and then MasterFile.

1. Installing Crossover
  • Double click on the Crossover-19.x.ZIP file you downloaded.
  • Double click the Crossover icon to install.
  • Click 'Move to Applications Folder'.
  • If you purchased MasterFile click 'Unlock with Purchase Info'; otherwise click 'Try Now'.
  • If you purchased MasterFile from us, enter the credentials you received in the two fields below.
  • Crossover is ready for MasterFile.
2. Installing MasterFile
  • From the Crossover menu, choose 'Import Bottle Archive'.
  • Navigate to your downloads folder, select the MasterFile.cxarchive and choose 'Restore'.

The field below should say MasterFile. If not, rename it as below and then click 'Create'.

The archive will decompress, configure most settings automatically and you will see the Crossover window below with IBM, MasterFile and other program icons.

3. Setting the Y: drive to point to your macOS home folder

In MasterFile v8, we do not yet automatically detect your home drive, so you need to trigger auto-detection.

In the Crossover window,

  1. Click on 'MasterFile'
  2. Scroll to the bottom.
  3. Click on 'Wine Configuration'. If you do not see the 'Control Panels' folder, from the menu bar, click on Configure and then 'Clear and Rebuild Programs ...' to refresh the icons as shown below.

After a few seconds, the dialog box below is displayed.

  • If Y: is pointing to your home drive, click 'Cancel' as there is nothing further to do and the rest of these instructions do not apply to you.
  • If Y: is pointing elsewhere, click 'Autodetect'.


A new drive is added pointing to your home drive. In the screenshot, the new drive H:, pointing to my home drive at /Users/ze, was added.

  1. Highlight the new drive (H: below) and select and copy the path.
  2. Highlight the Y: drive, delete the path shown for Y:, and paste the new path there.

You should now see something similar to the screenshot below, i.e. with your home drive set for both drives.

  1. Highlight the other drive -- i.e. not Y: (H: in the example here).
  2. Click 'Remove'.
  3. Click 'OK'.

MasterFile is installed and ready for setup.

4. Registration and setup
  • Start Notes.
  • If you are shown the dialog box below, select 'Online' and click 'OK'.
  • Click 'Next'.
  • Type your name and click 'Next'.
5. When you need to start MasterFile ...

Crossover must be running and will be in the dock. If it is not, open it from your Applications folder or Launchpad.

From the Crossover window double click the Notes icon shown below. That opens the MasterFile Workspace and adds the Notes icon to the dock too.

You could also double click the identically looking MasterFile icon but that will open the Workspace and the MasterFile_Template each time. We recommend you use the Notes icon.

6. Using MasterFile on macOS - Read First

Since MasterFile is not a completely native Mac application, although it looks and functions almost exactly like one, you will need to install the three or four (free) helper applications you also downloaded and follow some initial guidelines to get started. We cover all those in a short set of FAQs in this article. Please read it before starting out.