Post installation steps

Three final steps remain to complete setup.

If you are using Domino server, or previously installed MasterFile, start with Step 2.

1. Set your Notes ID's security
  • Choose File > Security > User Security from the main menu bar.
  • Click on What Others Do > Using Workstation and you'll see the window below.
  • Click on What others do > Using Workstation > and then click Add and you'll be shown the dialog box below.
  • Type */MasterFile exactly like that (it's case sensitive) and click OK.
  • Click on */MasterFile and turn on every checkbox shown below. There may be two extra options at the end of the list in some versions of Notes; leave them unchecked.
  • Then click OK.
2. Creating the cross certificate
  • Start MasterFile
    • On Windows: from Start > All Programs > MasterFile.
    • On macOS: double click the Notes styled MasterFile icon.
  • Click Yes on the Create Cross Certificate screen that is shown next.
  • And click Yes on the dialog box shown next.

You will always be asked to create a new index when you first start MasterFile or create a new case.

Note that you may also see one or a few 'Execution Security Alerts' like the one below the first time you use MasterFile.

  • If these appear, simply click the last radio button and OK.
3. Initialize MasterFile

The About MasterFile page will open next. You'll also find the steps below listed under the red twisty.

  • Click 'Start MasterFile' or dismiss the About MasterFile tab.
  • On the right panel, click Administration > Administration Settings and then OK.
  • Next click on Administration > User Settings

and set your email system, if applicable.

If you're connecting to a Domino server, type or paste your fully qualified Domino server name (DominoServerName/DominoDomain) in the field below.

You're all set.

3.1. Now open the example database

Right click on the workspace and choose 'Open Application'

Select the MF folder; then click Open.

Select the example database Arcade vs SkyHigh; then click Open.

The case opens in a new tab with Arcade v SkyHigh as its title.

Click the 'X' on its tab to close the case database. Its icon is now shown on the workspace; double click it to re-open.

Icons for cases you create are automatically shown on the workspace.