HelpNotes/Domino BasicsNotesHow do I delete a case database

How do I delete a case database

On the workspace, you can either

  • remove a database, which is the default action, or
  • permanently delete it.

When you remove a database, it is removed from the workspace tab it appears on but the physical database file is not deleted. You might use this when a case closes or is dormant for example. If you do need it again, you can reopen it on the workspace as explained here.

When you delete a database, its physical file is permanently deleted and that can not be undone or recovered.

Selecting the replica

If you use MasterFile's Cloud or an on-premise MasterFile server, and you have both a cloud or server replica and a local replica, make sure the Workspace icon shows the location of the the database you want to remove or delete. On the screenshot below, that is the local replica.

If you do not use a server, the only replica is local to your own computer and there will be no drop down arrow.

Always check the location before proceeding.

Removing a database

Right click on the database icon and choose "Remove".

Deleting a database

The delete option is not shown by default to avoid mistakes. To see it, turn on "Advanced Menus".

When you now right click on a database icon, under Application you will see and can choose "Delete ...".

A confirmation prompt is shown and if you choose "Yes", the case will be permanently deleted.

Note that if you use a MasterFile Domino server, you should exercise caution since the case database you will be deleting will be the one identified by its location on  its icon. For example, were I to delete the database below, the server replica would be deleted and not my local copy as the icon shows my server name, "dom-t1700", instead of "Local". Your Domino user rights may prevent you from deleting a server replica.

We suggest you turn off Advanced Menus once complete.