HelpNotes/Domino BasicsNotesHow do I replicate a database?

How do I replicate a database?

To replicate means you must have already created the new replica from the server or vice-versa. Please see How do I create a new local replica?

After your work is complete, close the db.

From the workspace,

1. Right click on the db and choose Replication > Replicate.

A dialog box is displayed and you are asked to confirm replication.

Click OK.

During replication, the progress bar at the bottom of the screen displays status or the replicator page may open. You can also open it from the bookmarks bar by clicking the replicator icon - the double arrow.

Other local replicas are shown on the replicator page. You can also right click on a specific case to replicate from the replicator page, and set a replication schedule.