HelpNotes/Domino BasicsNotesHow do I prepare a local replica to use on my Domino server?

How do I prepare a local replica to use on my Domino server?

This article applies only to MasterFile version 7 or 2019 and earlier.

A replica or case database that was originally created locally, and now needs to be replicated to your MasterFile Domino server, must first be properly prepared. This article explains how to do that prior to creating the new replica.

Preparing the local replica

You must sign the local replica or database unless you are absolutely sure that when you initially created it, the Create database dialog's Domino server filed was pre-filled with your server name. That would have created the local replica correctly for replicating to your server. You can check that the database was created correctly by looking at its ACL as follows:

  1. On the Workspace, right click on the replica's icon and choose Application > Access Control
Preparing the local replica

The Access Control List for your local replica opens.

  • A correctly configured local replica will have three entries similar to those in the red box as well as your own name visible, and ...
  • the two entries shown here.

Note that if you modify any fields in the ACL screen in any way, you risk loosing access to your database; troubleshooting these errors are not part of your annual MasterFile support and maintenance and will be billed per incident or hourly by our professional services department. Please email support if necessary.

Signing the local replica if needed

If your local replicas ACL does not match the above two steps, then you need to sign it as follows.

Open the replica and from [R+] choose Administration > Database Fixup Utilities

Signing the local replica if needed
  1. Choose Prepare local ... from the dialog box that opens.
  2. Click OK

You are asked to confirm the server name or enter it if missing.

  • If you are unsure of what it is, please check with your MasterFile administrator.
  • If you enter it incorrectly, your server replica will not function even after replication.

If the server name is missing, then it was not set during MasterFile installation. Please see the installation guide to set this option in your MasterFile User Settings.

Click OK.

You are asked to confirm, and then will see this screen at the end.

  • Click OK and then
  • Cancel to dismiss the Database Fix-up Utilities dialog.

The local replica is now ready for you to create a server replica.