HelpUpgradingv5 - Personal editionHow do I convert evaluation databases to MasterFile Personal Edition?

How do I convert evaluation databases to MasterFile Personal Edition?

MasterFile databases created while using the evaluation version of MasterFile have to be converted to Personal Edition to accept your license key.

You should have installed Personal Edition already.

Preparing for conversion

Start Notes and update the full text indexes of all your cases as follows

On the Workspace, depress a case's icon and then right click and choose Application > Properties

  1. Click on Count unindexed documents. If the result says All are indexed, click on the next cases icon to check that.
  2. Otherwise, since the count will show a number unindexed (9 below) click on Update Index.
  3. Click on Count unindexed documents after 20 seconds to a minute and check again. You can also pop up the status bar to see if the message "FInished updating index in ..." is displayed.
  • Exit Notes
  • Copy your Notes data directory located at C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data to a new area to back it up.

Replacing the database design

In this part we prepare the databases to be converted to the Personal Edition from the evaluation version.

  1. Start Notes.
  2. Selected View > Advanced Menus from the top menu if they are not checked.
  3. Right click on the icon of the first database to prepare and choose "Application/Replace Design"
Replacing the database design

In the dialog box displayed, pick the MasterFile_Personal_Template and click Replace.

It takes a few seconds on a small file and several minutes on large databases. The status bar will say Design Replace complete when the process is done.

Repeat these two steps for all your cases.

Upgrading the databases

Close all your databases if any are open, and now open the Personal_Template.

Click on  [R+] > Administration > Upgrade Databases

Upgrading the databases

In the dialog box displayed, select

  1. Convert trial databases to MasterFile Personal Edition
  2. Select all the checkboxes
  3. Click on Choose a database.

Navigate to the MF folder, select the first database to upgrade and click Open.

The database is added to the list of databases to upgrade.

We suggest you convert one to familiarize yourself with the process.

Once you have selected all your databases and are sure that the checklist has been completed for each, click "Ok". Upgrade progress and status is shown in the bottom of the window.

If errors are listed in the status area after the upgrades are completed, you will need to open and review the Notes workstation LOG.NSF file for further details. Navigate to it from File > Application > Open from the top menu and peruse the log for details on the conversion of your database. You may need to copy the database back from the back up you made and restart the conversion process after fixing any document profiles that were flagged as causing the upgrade error. Generally, this situation is rare.

Press Cancel once the process is complete.

When you open any newly converted databases, you may see a serial number mismatch error, and the Administrator settings open.

  1. Delete the entry, if any, from the serial number field.
  2. Copy your Personal Edition serial number.
  3. Click in the serial number field and paste your Personal Edition serial number there using Ctrl-v.