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Upgrading Profiles


There can be instances where you may still have v5.x profiles in a v6.x MasterFile database after upgrading, if you copied and pasted a profile from a case or research database that was an older MasterFile version into a current one or the original un-upgraded server versino was used while the database was being upgraded. In either case, you'll be faced with an error message when you open the profile and see a red warning sign in the notifications area above the left panel as shown below. Here's how to upgrade those specific documents.


The red WARNING message in the notifications area tells you some profiles need upgrades in this database. Click on the red WARNING notification itself and MasterFile switches to the "All by schema" view shown below.

The Schema 11 category is the highest and therefore the current version and has the highest document count as expected. However, the presence of a different schema, Schema 9 in this case, tells you there are profiles with the wrong version in this database. Expanding that lets you select them to upgrade. In the example below there are two documents in Schema 9, emails from Phil Hawkins which we'll upgrade.

If you try and edit one of these profiles, you will see

Select the documents and choose Upgrade Selected Documents from the Administration panel, ...

you are asked for confirmation as below ...

Click Yes and you will then see

followed either by confirmation of success, as in this case ...

or an error message. Any errors will be summarized with instructions on how to correct the profile(s) before trying the upgrade again. You may have to permanently delete the erroneous profiles from the database, copy the same ones over again, correct the errors you were given and then repeat the process to complete the upgrade. See the section "Correcting errors" below for more details.

When you click OK, the message is dismissed and Schema 9's category line is removed as shown below. The red WARNING message will still be present; closing and reopening the database sets it back to green.

Correcting errors with the error log files

Error log files created during a profile upgrade, like those created during a database upgrade, are located in the root MasterFile installation folder (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\MasterFile). Since this is a profile upgrade, all errors will be logged in a text file called the Upgrade Documents Log like this: "2017-11-11 14-21-02 -- Upgrade Documents Log". Sorting the Windows Explorer folder view by date will list the file at the top since it was the most recent file generated.

The first or second line of the file states the name of the database you are working in.

The section "Upgrade Summary" at the end of the file states either "PROCESSED SUCCESSFULLY" or "ERRORS". If there are errors listed, search the file from the top for ERROR, review the error details and correct it. Continue searching to see if there are any other errors to correct. Once all errors are resolved, re-upgrade the profiles.