HelpTimeline Getting StartedAdding events to a timeline

Adding events to a timeline

After selecting the events to add, if

  • No timeline is open, a new one is created and the selected events are added to it.
  • One timeline is open, it's considered the open timeline and the selected events are added to it.
  • More than one is open, you are asked which timeline to add events to on the following dialog box.

Answering YES adds events to the currently displayed timeline. Answering NO will cycle through all open timelines until the one is reached. Pressing NO after that will not have any effect.

Pressing CANCEL at any point cancels adding, and asks if you would like to create a new timeline instead.

Clicking OK now, will create a new timeline. 

Clicking Cancel here cancels the entire process.

The selected facts from the MasterFile medical case above as a timeline.