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How do I create a server replica?

There are two steps to creating a new server replica

  1. Prepare the case for replication by signing the database
  2. Create the replica

Creating the server replica

Make sure you have Advanced Menus checked on the top menu.

Creating the server replica

On the workspace, locate and right click on the case you want to replicate to your server.


The Create Replica dialog box opens.

  1. Server is preset to Local. Click on the dropdown and choose your server.
  2. Other settings are preset, including the File path field with MF\casename.NSF (Test 1.NSF here). MFHS users' \MF folder will be a subfolder of their locator prefix as shown below.

Click OK.

The replicator page opens and you can see the new replica being created. Any previously created local replicas are also shown here

On the workspace, the database icon now shows a drop down arrow on its right. Click and hold the arrow to select or switch replicas. When the icon says "Local" you are working locally. When it says "domino01" or your server name you are on your Domino server.

Below, Local is selected and my cursor is on domino01 to switch to the server replica.

You can now turn off Advanced Menus if you like.

Double click on the icon to open the server replica.